Company Culture

  A business development and expansion of the vision!
  The grand blueprint for the rise of a city!
  A great dream of the rise of the nation!
  Is the passion burst!
  This is the power of dreams!
  This is the direction of the HEFA people!


In Quanzhou this ancient and modern city, we not only see the people who make unremitting efforts for the dream, but also see a 'kind of "innovative and enterprising" "love dare to win" the spirit of the city.


At the beginning of the twenty-first century Quanzhou, is running to pursue the dream, the curtain wall industry officially entered the market track, "urban construction" and "ecological harmony" has become the theme of the times, which for the Hefa people dream of cocoon out of the energy The   "Fujian Hefa Stone Engineering Co., Ltd., located in the famous" Chinese stone carving village "- Huian County Tuzhai town Hu house industrial area, located in Nanan - Douwei Hong Kong Expressway, Tuzhai to Chongwu exit, Transportation is very convenient, covers an area of ​​150 acres, with high-tech staff of 300. Founded in 1993, the spirit of "quality is the last word" business philosophy, Hefa people conscientious, down to a small workshop-style enterprises into a set Production, processing, sales, trade in an integrated modern enterprise, to the advanced design concept, Jiangxin unique performance techniques, adhering to the international and local integration of the design concept to encourage innovation, the pursuit of quality, improve service, step by step After more than ten years of co - hair without deterrence of hard and unremitting efforts, today 's Hefa stone has become the industry leader.   We adhering to the "cooperation in a total of development" business philosophy. Since its inception the company has been committed to the production of building curtain wall, cemetery and supporting, landscape and stone crafts, and other stone products.
The company has curtain wall engineering design and construction level, architectural decoration engineering design and construction level, the ancient building of a professional qualification. Hefa is committed to the design and development of profiled stone, such as profiling stone lines, villas, window frames, cylindrical curved plates, Roman columns, pillars, and cap caps. We are the pursuit of the perfect combination of art and modernization, Western carving and oriental rhyme of the vocabulary, naturalism and modernism perfect dialogue. Products have been favored by domestic and foreign customers, with the industry to follow suit. Hefa from the stone design, development, production, transportation to construction, there is a set of precise management system. Do stone hundred percent color, construction hundred percent accident, we have the strength and confidence to undertake the major curtain wall decoration works.   Modern landscape sculpture has become one of the important parts of the construction of urban civilization, sculpture is a relatively eternal art, ancient things have experienced a lot of things have been gone, and the history of sculpture in a certain sense to become a human The image of the witness. Hefa is committed to the development of square sculpture, street sculpture, garden sculpture, garden sculpture, from professional drawing design to sculpture compl