Chairman’s Speech

Days Xingjian, a gentleman to self-improvement
When the bells touch the years of the branches, when the salute lit the annual fireworks; when the fleeting clean yesterday, when the hardships, when the sun reflects the current harvest; Hefa stone through the trials and hardships of the seventeen years, has become the industry in the instrument The instrument. Growing up, we flow through the tears, but the tears poured out of the beautiful garden of the garden flowers; we trampled on the thorns, but the thorns pinched out the days of high mountains and miles of Pengcheng! We will not forget that those who are willing to serve the country and remain unswerving staff; we will not forget that all firm and heroic figure, glorious Holy soul!   "Days Xingjian, a gentleman to self-improvement; terrain kun, gentleman to Houdezaiwu." In the rapid development of world economic globalization today, Hefa Stone industry is bound to Lu Wanjun, into the trend of the times, meet the challenges, grasp the direction in the competition, to seek new opportunities and seek new development.   Hefa Stone industry to "science and technology is the first productive force" of faith and "talent-based" strategic thinking, for the co-hair pointed out the direction of forward, but also for the Hefa stone industry to take off the wings. The future, Hefa Stone industry will be with each Hefa people humiliation and altogether, build Albert CHAN, and every customer sincere cooperation, create ambitious.   Finally, once again to all concerned about, support, to help Hefa stone industry people from all walks of life, to express my heartfelt thanks and the highest respect!